We are creating sustainable climate solutions through new economic models powered by Web3 technology.

Our thinking is simple and holistic

"We want to live on a healthy planet"  

Moral action drives our economic practice. We want to fulfil our obligations to nature with virtuous returns for sustainable long-term development.

So, embedding resilience and adaptation into foundational infrastructure is essential.

Building climate solutions means prioritizing customer-driven investment and ESG projects with strong and local anchoring.
Investment should produce positive returns, such as jobs, infrastructure and education for the local population, as well as benefit the global economy.

Together, we want to achieve maximum efficiency and impact out of each investment into climate solutions, and we perceive the potential as enormous.

Nature is giving us a deadline.

To accelerate climate action today, Africa Investor and DECARD have partnered up to deliver:

A Robust Green Solution

A decentralised, secure and scalable application to store and exchange your nature-based assets, such as the Aecorn Project

Scope Three Emissions Compliance

We help your organization stay up to date with the latest regulations

Climate Capital

Mobilise, accelerate and deploy economic value to benefit the wider community and deliver real social benefit

Carbon Audit

We provide tools to ease the process of accounting for carbon emissions with transparency and privacy at the foreground 

The Aecorn Project

A decentralised nature-based solution
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